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Vortragsreihe: Lectures on the Idea of Love and Sexuality in Chinese Culture

03. Jul. 2017 – 18:30 Uhr

Ort: Haus zur Lieben Hand | Löwenstraße 16

Focault in hisfirst volume of the history of sexuality suggests, that ar erotica is the Chinese way to see sexuality, whereas in the Western tradition, it is scientia sexualis. Indeed, similar to love, there is no Chinese philosophy of sexuality. However, the Chinese understanding of human sexuality begins at the metaphysics of yi-jing (易经). Through the influence of the religious Daoism (not to be confused with Daoism as the philosophy of Laozi), and the Bed-Chamber Manuals, sexuality in China has a different meaning compared to the West. This lecture tries to illustrate the meaning of sexuality in this Chinese context.

Veranstalter: Konfuzius-Institut Freiburg, Husserl-Archiv der Universität Freiburg

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