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Vortragsreihe: Lectures on the Idea of Love and Sexuality in Chinese Culture

26. Jun. 2017 – 18:30 Uhr

Ort: Haus zur Lieben Hand | Löwenstraße 16

Contrary to the Western philosophical tradition, in which love - be it rendered as eros, philia or agape - is one of the most important themes since Plato, there is no philosophical treatise on love in the entire Chinese philosophical reflection in the Chinese mind. However, there is a long tradition of a literature of qing, which is a somewhat equivalent translation of love. This lecture will try to differentiate the conception of qing, in contrast to the Western idea of love; and to explain why love, especially romantic love, was not thematized in Chinese philosophy. Instead of a philosophy of love, Prof. Cheung proposes a phenomenology of qing for the Chinese way of the understanding of this human intimate relationship.

Veranstalter: Konfuzius-Institut Freiburg, Husserl-Archiv der Universität Freiburg

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